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Biostructural Interactions Group!

We study the molecular mechanisms and motions of (membrane) proteins from microorganism to man

Lab News!

06/2024 - We welcome Jan as a new postdoc! 

09/2023 - Iryna joins us as a MSc student from Lisbon! Welcome!

08/2023 - A new Dr in the house! Congratulations Kerstin on a fantastic job bringing TRP channels and flaviviruses together in a super multidisciplinary PhD!

07/2023 - We welcome Sreelakshmi, our new PhD student to the team!

05/2023 - BIG news as our new 800 MHz NMR ascend spectrometer is delivered - it literally flew into the NMR platform!!! Exciting times ahead for biostructural interactions! Big thank you to the University, the Cluster of Excellence and EU-EFRE REACT for making this possible!

New Publications!

Kerstin's new paper with the Hildt lab bridging our passion for TRP channels and Neglected Tropical Diseases out now:  Zika virus replication is impaired by a selective agonist of the TRPML2 ion channel.

New paper with the Köhnke and Hertweck labs accepted in Angewandte Chemie! We investigated the structural dynamics  of the rhizoxin PKS with an integrated structural biology approach and find a new ACP "parking position" on the core module! Congratulations Maria, Mai and all co-authors!

Our paper on the structural dynamics & regulation of TRPV4 by its intrinsically disordered regions has been accepted in Nature Communications! Congratulations Bene, Christoph and all other co-authors!

Awards and Recognitions!

Ute and Ryan Hibbs (UCSD) are elected Gordon Research Conference chairs, i.e. they will serve as vice chairs for the  'Ligand Recognition and Molecular Gating'

meeting in 2026 (Il Ciocco, Italy) and chair in 2028 (Ventura, USA)

Eric wins best talk award at the German Parasitology Society's Drug Design & Development meeting in Würzburg! 

Ute becomes chair of the GBM Study section Chemical Biology

Ute is invited to join the selection committe for the Fulbright-Cottrell Award 

Our lab is now part of three collaborative research centers funded by the DFG, i.e. ChemBioSys, PolyTarget and Membrane Complexes 

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Hellmich Group 

Biostructural Interactions
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Office: Katja Konscholky

Lab: Sabine Häfner, Hannah Niederlechner

Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences
Institute of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry
Cluster of Excellence "Balance of the Microverse"

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