Welcome to the 

Biostructural Interactions Group!

We study the molecular mechanisms and motions of (membrane) proteins from microorganism to man

Lab News!

A warm welcome to Hannah who will support us as a technical assistant and enhance our cell based work! Great to have you in the lab!

As the first student to join us in Jena, we welcome Emma for her Bachelor thesis! Good luck with everything and most importantly have fun! 

Christoph joins the team as a postdoc!  Welcome, we are very excited to have you!

Congratulations Pauline for submitting your Master thesis! 

Annika successfully defended her PhD on TRP channels, trypanosomal redox biochemistry and novel inhibitors against neglected tropical diseases! Congratulations, Dr Annika! (also, some dinosaurs...) 

We welcome new lab member Sabine who will support the whole team as a technical assistant! Great to have you on board!

New Publications!

Our review on TRP channel UNstructural biology has been accepted in J. Mol. Biol.! We analyze all 175 currently available TRP structures with regard to intrinsic disorder and discuss cool (pun fully intended) examples of how intrinsically disordered regions affect channel function, e.g. temperature sensing! 

Two new papers on the T. brucei protease rhodesain! You can read about Patrick's work on rhodesain's complex maturation and covalent inhibition kinetics in J. Biol. Chem. and ACS Chem. Biol.! As always a fun collaboration with the Schirmeister (Mainz) and Neuweiler (Würzburg) labs!

New paper with Sumner lab (Johns Hopkins) on TRPV4 channelopathies accepted in Nature Communications!

Special edition on ABC transporters in FEBS Letters edited by Ute Hellmich, Amro Hamdoun, Karl Kuchler and Gergely Szakacs featuring many exciting articles, reviews and perspectives on ABC transporter structure & function! 

Awards and Recognitions!

Eric Schwegler is selected to give a talk at MiCom 2021! 

Benedikt Goretzki's and Julia Heiby's (Neuweiler lab in Würzburg) work on spider silk wins the ChemBioChem poster prize at the DECHEMA Advances in Chemical Biology Meeting!

Eric Schwegler was selected to give a talk at the  29th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Parasitology!

Benedikt Goretzki wins poster award at the EMBL SAXS Meeting!

Victor Perez Carrillo receives a PROCOPE Mobility Award from the French Embassy in Germany!

Ute Hellmich receives a Boehringer Ingelheim Stiftung Exploration Grant

How to find us:

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Hellmich Group 

Biostructural Interactions

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