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Biostructural Interactions Group!

We study the molecular mechanisms and motions of (membrane) proteins from microorganism to man

Lab News!

08/2022 - Wonderful garden party enjoying the last days of summer together with our friends from the Stallforth Lab! 

08/2022 - Sabrina submitted her Bachelor thesis on ABC transporter function and dynamics! Congratulations!

06/2022 - A-Z Lab Party! We sadly had to say good-bye to Fulbright Fellow Zoe, who will be on to her PhD in Princeton, but we could also welcome new postdoc Aditya! So happy faces all around! 

06/2022 - We welcome Anh, a DAAD-RISE fellow from Drexel University in Pennsylvania! Great having you here and good luck with all your experiments! 

06/2022 - Welcome to new postdoc Aditya! Great to finally have you here in person! 

04/2022 - Welcome Sabrina! 
Good luck and lots of fun with your BSc thesis! 

New Publications!

New review with Stallforth, Mittag, Brakhage and Hertweck labs accepted in TiBS - "Functional Modulation of Chemical Mediators in Microbial Communities"

After TRPV4, Christoph and Bene now also took a hard look at the TRPV1, V2 and V3 intrinsically disordered regions. Paper accepted in Biomol NMR Assign.

Three more TRPV4 papers accepted - with the Sumner lab we looked at mixed channelopathy phenotpes (Ann. Clin. Transl. Neurol.) and post-translational modifications (J. Biol. Chem.), while Bene analyzed the extent of intrinsic disorder in the channel N-terminus using sequence-based predictions and NMR (Biomol NMR Assign.)

First joint paper with our Microverse colleagues from the Stallforth, Mittag and Arndt labs out in Chemistry! From our lab Marta participated - congratulations everyone!

Awards and Recognitions!

Our lab is now part of three collaborative research centers funded by the DFG! CRC 1127 'ChemBioSys - Chemical Mediators in Complex Biosystems';  CRC 1278 'PolyTarget -  Polymer-based nanoparticle libraries for targeted anti-inflammatory strategies' and  CRC 1507 'Membrane-associated Protein Assemblies, Maschineries and Supercomplexes'! 

Eric is selected to join the  

TrypsSchool (Sao Paulo School of Advanced  Science on Pathogenic Trypanosomatids)! Congratulations! 

Ute is a new member of the selection committee for the Carl-Duisberg-Gedächtnispreis awarded by the GDCh!

We are super psyched to have been asked to write the preview for the Moiseenkova-Bell lab's structure of the first fungal TRP channel in Structure! Read their paper here and our highlight here!

How to find us:

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Hellmich Group 

Biostructural Interactions

Contact us:
Office: Katja Konscholky

Lab: Sabine Häfner, Hannah Niederlechner

Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences
Institute of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry
Cluster of Excellence "Balance of the Microverse"

Beutenberg Labs:
Bioinstrumentezentrum (BIZ)
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