human TRPML2 channel extracytsolic/lumenal domain
at different pH values
 (X-ray, 6HRS, 6HRR)

spider silk N-terminal domain

TRPV4 ion channel proline rich region in complex with PACSIN3-SH3 domain 
'skipped class 1 motif'
(NMR, 6F55)

Covalent inhibitor induced dimerization of T. brucei oxidoreductase tryparedoxin
(X-ray, 6GXY, 6GXG)

Lanthipeptide immunity protein SpaI from B. subtilis

Pro-rhodesain, the main
T. brucei lysosomal protease 
(X-ray, 7AVM)

L. lactis lanthipeptide immunity protein, C-terminal domain
(NMR, 2N32)

Structure of an intracellular pathogen infectivity factor in complex with an inhibitor 
(X-ray, unpublished)

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